Welcome to my adventure photography site.

This adventure quest odyssey really got started when my father, after finishing an overseas assignment in Asia in 1965 with our family, put me in charge of his Canon Pellix SLR. It was through the lens of this camera that, as a young man of 14 years, I began to develop my photographic eye.

As the official family photographer (a job I assumed in earnest) of our family's amazing journey overland from Thailand through Asia, Europe, and across the US, I captured this new world that enveloped me, picture by picture. Using the sights, sounds, smells and third world life tapestry as a palette, I documented the daily adventures that a family of six inevitably encountered as we dealt with both elation and challenge around every corner. This wonderful six month cultural and geographic 'fantasy come true' left a lasting impression on me and planted the seed which later germinated in the form of my Peace Corps service and passion for overseas travel. It was this early acquired curiosity for the road less traveled and remote cultures, that beckoned me to explore and seek out other unique places. Because of the heightened feeling of aliveness I sense on these adventures, I make a conscientious effort to capture images and to record thoughts and feelings of these wonderful Zen-like experiences to share with others.

It is my hope that these images project the same joy and amazement that I felt in those moments.